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Ervin Amasteel’s round steel shot fully complies with the SAE J444 and J827 standards as well as ISO 11124-3 and SSPC-AB3.
Its sharp-edged steel grit meets all requirements of the SAE J444 and J 1993 standards as well as ISO 11124-3 and SSPC-AB3.

Of course we can also meet your specific requirements above and beyond these standards!

Fine, homogeneous martensite, created through the atomization process and subsequent tempering, and especially by quenching the raw material in water, has the ideal metallurgical structure for maximal energy transfer with excellent durability. This all ensures minimal consumption of steel abrasive blasting material.

Ervin Amasteel’s products undergo a very strict control of grain size , shape deviation and defects. It holds true that the smaller the grains of abrasive material, the better the coverage of the surface area being blasted.





Steel abrasive blasting material of varying types is used by customers for the following industries and applications:

  • aviation and automotive,
  • engineering,
  • metal forges,
  • foundries,
  • pipe-making factories,
  • railways and shipyards,
  • manufacturing of steel wire, rods and belts,
  • stone working,
  • surface treatment prior to final finishing, such as painting,
  • many other industries and applications

Ervin Amasteel steel abrasive blasting material ensures:

  • Optimum surface roughness.
  • Faster abrasive blasting process.
  • More thorough cleaning.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Reduced consumption of abrasive blasting material
  • Consistently high quality of material.
  • Reduced wear on machine components.

PRIMA STEEL offers a wide range of mixes of steel grain, grit and combinations of grain and grit proven to be of the highest quality. The mixes are blended in accordance with exacting recipes and are sold as the product AMAMIX.



PRIMA STEEL offers consulting services for setting and adjusting abrasive blasting machines. Our technicians will help you to save on energy costs and equipment maintenance. The longer life of the steel abrasive material reduces the amount needed for your projects. And by recommending steel abrasive blasting material with a higher energy transmission, we help to shorten the blasting time, thus saving you even more in labor and even electricity costs.

PRIMA STEEL’s experts will also recommend the right mix to ensure an optimal ratio between production costs, the duration of the blasting process, surface roughness, surface cleanliness, as well as consumption of steel abrasive blasting material and electricity.



Ervin Amasteel has been improving the process of producing steel abrasive blasting material for many decades. Its products are continuously compared with similar products from other manufacturers and are inspected daily at the company’s manufacturing plants throughout the world. Customers regularly attest to the longer lifespan of Ervin Amasteel’s steel abrasive blasting material and benefit from lower consumption of the material in their own processes. What’s more, each month Ervin Amasteel production plants evaluate the properties of its products in accordance with the company’s own manufacturing parameters, which are more exacting than international standards. If the products don’t comply, they are discarded.



Comparative tests carried out in the period from January to December 2012 showed Ervin Amasteel round steel grains to have an average of 21% higher energy-transmission compared with similar steel abrasive blasting material from other producers, with Ervin Amasteel’s steel grit showing a 15% higher energy-transmission capacity.

Ervin Amasteel ’s products are manufactured to uniform standards and with identical manufacturing processes exclusively in the company’s own production facilities.