Our packaging

PRIMA STEEL will deliver products from Ervin Amasteel to a destination determined by the customer and supplies them in the following types of packaging and volumes:

Paper sacksbaleni_1 (2)

The basic unit of packaging is one tonne (net). The sacks are made of double-layered paper reinforced with a polymer lining. One wooden Euro-pallet can accommodate 40 paper sacks, each containing 25 kg of material; they are covered with cardboard and wrapped in polyethylene film.



Big-bagsbaleni_2 (1)

The net weight of the material is 1.0, 1.2 or 1.5 tonnes. Big-bags are secured with plastic strapping, wrapped in polyethylene film, and delivered on a wooden Euro-pallet.



Metal drumsbaleni_3 (2)

The weight of material supplied in metal drums ranges from 1.4 to 1.8 tonnes (net), depending on the type of steel abrasive material. The drums are secured with plastic strapping and wrapped in polyethylene film and are packed two to a wooden pallet.

Octagonal cardboard boxes

Boxes contain 1 tonne of material (net) and are wrapped in polyethylene film and delivered on a wooden pallet.