About Company

PRIMA STEEL is an independent Czech company employing professionals with many years of experience in the manufacturing, development and delivery of steel abrasive blasting materials. Thanks to our partnership with ERVIN AMASTEEL, with its long tradition of producing tempered steel abrasive material of the highest quality, we can now offer the world’s best-selling brand of steel blasting material for surface treatment, cleaning of castings and weldments, shot peening, and other specialized technologies.



Our business partner Ervin Amasteel is well known internationally as a standard of quality in this area. Its special production process for steel abrasive material ensures a uniform martensitic steel microstructure, which is key to optimal performance of the blasting material. The process was developed by John F. Ervin in 1920, the year he founded AMASTEEL INDUSTRIES in the United States.

Testing carried out under laboratory conditions shows that Ervin Amasteel’s steel abrasive material has on average 18% better durability and transmitted energy than similar products. The manufacturer strictly maintains optimal levels of grain hardness, size, shape, metallurgical microstructure, and chemical composition.


Using Ervin Amas1451980955121120131906_Pouringteel’s round and sharp-edged steel abrasives significantly reduces production costs and optimizes the blasting process.

We provide expert technical assistance to determine the optimal type of steel abrasive blasting material and the proper settings for blasting equipment.

Contact the experts at PRIMA STEEL for steel abrasive blasting material of the highest quality at the best price.